Why Not Live in Key West?

In the United States of America, Florida is a popular tourist destination, not least for the attraction of Disney World and the stunning scenery. It has become a popular destination for Americans and British people to either own a holiday home or a permanent retirement place. It has many gated complexes that would suit visitors and those who wish to retire to a warmer climate. As well as Miami, Orlando, and Key West, the state offers many destinations for visitors and holidaymakers to this part of the world. If you are actually considering buying a holiday home or permanent residence in Key West or any other area of Florida, you will no doubt want to give some thought to the decor of your new place. This is where Royal Design can be of assistance to you since they supply everything from the humble oil lamp to home furnishings, decorative lights, kitchen, and tableware.

Why Consider Royal Design?

As one of the most well-known online retailers globally, Royal Design has an extensive supply of items from some of the best stylists and designers in Europe and Scandinavia. These products are designed to be elegant and functional but exude a touch of class at the same time. Perfect for adding the finishing touches to any new home in Key West or Florida. Just one example of their extensive range is their selection of quality oil lamps. This quaint and somewhat antiquated form of lighting is guaranteed to add style and class to any abode. Featuring products from Klong, Karlskrona, and Holmegaard and with a choice of six colors and three materials, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your home in Florida. This design of lamps was synonymous with the old Wild West and would add a sense of authenticity to your new residence. Such lights benefit from:

  • No smoke residue
  • Durability of case design and material
  • Being a great alternative to candles
  • Improving the ambiance of your home.

If you decide to settle in Key West or Florida, then check out the exceptional choice of such lamps not only to recreate the old western themes but also to provide a practical backup to your existing lighting facilities.


There is no doubt that Key West is a desirable place to settle, not least for the all-year-round warmth and pleasant climate and scenery. Choose from a modern apartment to an old-style American house to make your stay or home complete. Consider Royal Design as your go-to site for everything stylish and elegant to decorate your new residence. Also, think about oil lamps as a means of enhancing the surroundings and atmospherics of your new place, and you won’t be disappointed.